Jacsten Advantage

Family Business Focus: As a family investment firm, Jacsten has expertise in transactions involving entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses and we understand the importance of adopting a family perspective with business owners, employees and customers alike. Our objective is to form a true partnership with all parties in an effort to preserve and build upon a legacy of success created through many years of entrepreneurial excellence.

Patient & Proprietary Capital: Jacsten is family managed and funded which affords us the flexibility to partner for the long-term as opposed to focusing on short-term profits. At Jacsten, we take partnering for the future very seriously; whether a management team, seller or investor, we invest in people – their knowledge, experience, commitment to excellence and their futures.

Integrity: Integrity begins with a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust. At Jacsten, we believe in adopting a fair and transparent approach from the inception of a relationship. As long-term partners, we understand that trust must be earned and very early in the process we strive to establish a level of trust that will extend well beyond the successful closing of the transaction.

Teamwork: Our team is comprised of highly capable and experienced professionals with an extensive range of backgrounds including entrepreneurship, operations, financing, mergers and acquisitions and accounting. We are passionate individuals motivated by a common goal of working together with our partners to maximize long-term value for all stakeholders. We partner with talented, driven individuals who are interested in leveraging individual skill sets to maximize the collective success of the business.

Operating Expertise: We believe that strong operators are the key to success in any business. As such, we look to invest in businesses with excellent operating partners while also supplementing existing talent with a strong bench of operating partners we have identified and partnered with over an investment history of 20 plus years.

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