Welcome to Jacsten Holdings, LLC

Jacsten is a Milwaukee based private investment firm that was formed to make investments in small businesses primarily in the Midwest. As a family managed and funded firm, our proprietary capital affords us the flexibility to focus on long-term value creation as compared to short-term profits. This approach benefits our portfolio companies and operating partners by fostering stability, certainty and proper alignment of interests. At Jacsten, we take partnering for the future very seriously; whether a management team, seller or investor, we invest in people – their knowledge, experience, commitment to excellence and their futures.

Jacsten Holdings LLC Profile

Jacsten Closes Flexible Packaging Deal
Jacsten Closes Trailer Manufacturer Deal
Jacsten Closes Precision Molding Deal
Jacsten Closes Precision Tool and Machined Parts Deal

The Jacsten Advantage

  • Family Business Focus
  • Patient & Proprietary Capital
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Operating Experience
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